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Paypal donations gratefully accepted towards The British Blues Awards

As you are probably aware, The British Blues Awards are run by unpaid volunteers.

We rely entirely on Sponsors and donations to pay for the trophies and entertainment at the presentation.

With your help we can make next year's British Blues Awards bigger and better.

If you would like to donate any amount towards the running costs of the awards then please click the Paypal button above.


1st February to 31st March

The carefully selected panel will chose the shortlist of Nominees.

A hard-working group of Independent Blues Broadcasters will decide on a shortlist of Songwriters to be nominated for the Kevin Thorpe Award.


1st April to 30th April

We will give you a sneak preview of the nominees in all Categories. Selected radio shows will each annnounce a category.


1st May to 30th June

The public vote will take place via an online form, voting will be open to everyone worldwide.


Sunday 24th August 2014

The 2014 British Blues Awards Presentation to be held on The British Stage at The Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival in Colne.


2014 Presentation

We are hoping to see you all at The 2014 British Blues Awards Presentation at The Great British Blues Festival in Colne on Sunday 24th August when all of the Winners and Runners up will be revealed.


We'll be on The British Stage where there's a full program of great Blues music and a £4.00 pledge badge will get you access for the whole weekend to both the British and Acoustic Stages.


The program for Sunday 24th is:-


The Matthew Clark British Stage


The Stumble- 13:30 to 14:15

The British Blues Awards Presentation - 14:30 to 15:45

Cold Flame - 16:00 to 17:00

Chris Bevington & Friends - 17:30 to 18:30

Jessica Foxley Initiative Band - 19:00 to 19:30

Midnight Ramble - 20:00 to 21:00

Matt Woosey Band - 21:30 to 22:30

Ron Sayer Jr - 23:00 to 0:00


For full details of the weekends lines ups and tickets for the international stage go to:-

And the winners of The 2014 British Blues Award are .....

To be announced very soon at The Presentation on The British Stage of The Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival in Colne on Sunday 24th August.