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Chris has been called an English rock, blues and soul singer. He is best known for his hit single "Out of Time", which rose to No.1 in the UK Singles Chart in 1966, and his association with Colosseum, Atomic Rooster and the Thunderbirds.  But in truth he is much more having played and recorded with some of the very best musicians in the world of Rock/Blues. Chris is still touring with The Hamburg Blues Band and with The Norman Beaker Band.

To become a ‘British Blues Great’ is a natural progression for a true star of the British Blues scene.

Chris Farlowe

When Wilko started back in 1970 with ‘Pigboy Charlie Band’ and then ‘Dr Feelgood’, the music industry were in for a big surprise. Wilko & ­Lee Brilleaux dragged ‘The Feelgoods’ through every pub gig south of Watford, with Wilko ‘machine gunning’ every member of every audience before the night was through. Dr Feelgood and Wilko Johnson had arrived and are still two of the top R&B bands on the circuit.

Wilko left the Feelgoods in 1977 to form his own band that now has Norman Watt Roy and Dylan Howe in the line up.

This is certainly a well-deserved award for one of ‘Britain’s Blues Great’s.

Wilko Johnson

Bill Wyman will always be known for playing bass guitar with ‘The Rolling Stones’, he was with the band for amazingly 31 years, 31 years at the top. In 1997 he formed ‘Bill Wymans Rhythm Kings’ and is still touring to the present day, many top named musicians are regular members of the ‘Rhythm Kings’. From his early days playing with Alexis Korner at a basement club opposite Ealing Broadway tube station (called "Ferry's" club) until 2013.

Bill Wyman has served his apprenticeship and is now a ‘British Blues Great’.

Bill Wyman

Andy Fraser English songwriter and bass guitarist whose career has lasted over forty years and includes a notable period as one of the founding members, in 1968, at age 15, of the rock band Free.


Most of Free’s hit songs were either written or co-written by Andy Fraser, it is amazing to think he was fifteen when he joined Free and prior to that he had been playing with John Mayalls Bluesbreakers.

Andy Fraser

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Tony ‘TS’ McPhee

Tony McPhee was their at the beginning of the British Blues Explosion in the late 50’s early 60’s, having backed such greats as Champion Jack Dupree and John Lee Hooker. The Groundhogs were an iconic blues and progressive rock band characterised by improvised screaming guitar solos, which achieved several top chart albums (Thank Christ For The Bomb, Split, Who Will Save The World & Hogwash) through the 1970's.

Tony 'TS' McPhee is the talent behind 'The Groundhogs', and his outstanding writing and phenominal guitar skills have formed and pushed at the outskirts of British blues and rock for the last forty odd years. Despite the album success, The Groundhogs retain a cult status, you are either absolutely passionate about them or have never heard of them. Tony is a must for The British Blues Greats Award.

Tony 'T S' McPhee

British Blues Greats

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"In the late 60's the first wave of guitar idols were Page, Clapton and Beck. Bromham's past work should be re appraised as he clearly slipped through the net" (ENCYCLOPEDIA OF POPULAR MUSIC).

With this in mind the British Blues Greats Award is given to Del Bromham for his work with Stray over the last 45 years.

Del Bromham

Photograph courtesy of Ian Zirins   © Ian Zirins 2013

IMG_4160 victor brox

Victor Brox is a blues legend in his own lifetime. Born in Manchester, he studied under a variety of the blues pioneers, such as Big Bill Broonzy, Bo Diddley, Brownie McGhee, Sonny Boy Williamson, Little Walter and more.

Known for his blues, jazz and gospel soul, he has worked and played with a plethora of well known musicians including Jimi Hendrix, Alexis Corner, BB King, Muddy Waters, John Mayall, Graham Bond, Aynsley Dunbar, Charlie Mingus and more.

He became a member of the Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation in the late 60's and also performed on the original Jesus Christ Superstar album in 1970. He was influential in the Manchester blues, jazz and soul scene throughout the 70's with his band the Blues Train.

He is a singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist and his talented children have also carried on the tradition.

It was a pleasure to witness the iconic performance from this great man, at last year's Great British R&B Festival, when he joined his very talented daughter, Kyla Brox on stage.

Rosy Greer - Lancashire Blues Archive

Victor Brox

The artist entering the 'GREATS' at British Blues Awards is a singer born in the 1940's he became a household name in the 1960's that was on many of your first purchases whether 45 rpm or 33 rpm vinyl disc.  There was a wildness about the music, that this great sang to us with a band that he lost the rights to the name of despite his name linked with them forever. He speaks with a soft Geordie accent and then launched into a solo career. In his own words - but it is music to which he remains committed:-

“All I know is my ship is the stage, the place where I am allowed to do whatever I feel best. I look at an audience as being a tiger that you’re confronting.” Now with a new band and living in U.S.A.  In the early 70's an asthma attack led to a collapse and he was not reunited with the band for another 37 years. His rich, bluesy voice is instantly recognised and has over the years developed a dedicated following of fans from across the world united by their love of this man who has lived his life on the wild side at times but delivers music we love. He appreciates his fans and I know that Dai, a dedicated follower, had  a tattoo of his face on his bicep, to his delight this great man signed it one night so Dai had the signature tattooed too. There can be no argument that he has influenced the music scene across the decades including Britpop, alternative rock and beyond and he has always been highly respected by many singers Ian Hunter, Joe Cocker and Bruce Springsteen the highlight for many fans was when he guested with Bruce in Cardiff last year. He has always connected with his fans from the 1960's through to 2014; whether in the band or as his successful solo career with his latest album released last year in 2013 this is an animal that has never been caged.

Liz Aiken - Bluesdoodles

Eric Burdon