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How it works

In the beginning, 4 friends and ardent Blues enthusiasts agreed that it would be a good idea to have an awards event to recognise the talent that is currently on the British Blues scene. Something along the lines of “The Dog's Bollocks Awards” that took place very successfully in previous years at The Running Horse, Nottingham, when Barry Middleton was the Landlord. Somehow it developed into The British Blues Awards, and it all came to be in 2010. Every year since then the same 4 people have organised the awards, and it's popularity and success continues to grow.

We have always invited constructive feedback, and over the years we have added and changed things accordingly. We continue to receive feedback, help and contributions from many supporters, and our thanks go to them for their interest and for taking part.


At first the nominations and votes was decided completely by the public, but this became too much to cope with, so we changed the rules. Now we invite a group of people to form a panel at the beginning of the year, and we try to make sure that the whole of Britain is represented. We include  people that run the Blues Festivals, Venues, Radio and Internet Broadcasters. Blues Websites, Publications, Journalists and Reviewers. Each member of the panel is asked to nominate their top three in each category with 3 points given to their first choice. 2 points to the second and 1 point to the third. The points for each nominee are added together and the top six (more if there is a tie) in each category become the short-list for the public vote. If you would like to be considered as a member of this panel then please email [email protected] with your name, your relationship to the British Blues scene and your general location.


Later in the year we give a sneak preview of the successful nominees in each category and these  will be revealed by participating Independent Blues Radio Shows, which will be listed here soon. After the shows have been aired, a complete list of nominees in all categories will be available here on the website, and the awards will be open to public vote.

A voting form will be provided on this website, and voting is open worldwide with one vote allowed per person. Dates of the Broadcasts, the Presentation Ceremony and other up to date information and “Breaking News” will appear on the Home page in due course.

The Kevin Thorpe Award is for Songwriter of the Year

This award is in memory of Kevin Thorpe who tragically died at the 2010 Newark Blues Festival.

The Kevin Thorpe Award

As well as being a great performer Kevin was also an award winning songwriter, so we thought it fitting that the award should go to a writer of new British Blues or Blues influenced songs.

From 2014 all participating Broadcasters will fill in a nomination form where they will submit their 3 favourite songwriters who must be British (ie born or permanently resident in the UK) and have released at least one original song during the previous year


Kevin Thorpe


As with the nominations for the other categories, their first choice will be given 3 points, second 2 and third 1 point. The highest scoring songwriters will go forward to the public vote at the same time as the other categories later in the year. Individual songs are no longer up for consideration in this category, just the songwriter.

The British Blues Awards would not have any trophies to present to the winners without our sponsors, some of whom have been with us from day one. We thank you all.


For 2015 we are pleased to announce that we can keep the sponsorship fee the same as last year, and the prices are as follows:


Trophy + Your Business name on the Voting Form £60

Full page advert on the website £60

Both Trophy and advert £100


As the prices indicate, you will have your business or organisation engraved on the trophy for the category you have sponsored, and/or you can have a full page advertisement on the website (Since the beginning we've never had less than 30,000 visitors per year to the website, from over 100 countries, and the traffic increases each year)

If you would like to sponsor, or require more information please contact [email protected]


In the future we are hoping to hold our own presentation event, complete with a venue, all the technical requirements and an assortment of artists and bands to perform during the event. To pay for all this we need big sponsors. If this appeals to you, and you are in a position to help, please register your interest with [email protected] and hopefully this will develop into something real for the future.


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