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The Lifetime Achievement Award presented by The British Blues Awards has been given to Colin Staples for the work he has done promoting the blues in and around Nottingham over the last 45 years.

Most people know Colin because of the jam sessions he has been organising in Nottingham at various venues over the years; currently he is resident every Wednesday evening at “The Royal Children” on Maid Marian way Nottingham.

Some of the best blues artists have been at Colin’s jam sessions at some time in their career, notably Ian Siegal, Aynsley Lister, Henri Herbert, Harry Stevenson and many more have picked up useful tips and encouragement from “The Godfather of Nottingham Blues”.

If it wasn’t for people like Colin Staples who keep on running jam sessions in and around the city there would more than likely be no blues bands in Nottingham, somewhere that the retired bluesman can go and keep his hand in once a week, playing two or three numbers, with sometimes musicians he has never met before, these are the youngsters who sit in and learn from these experienced men and go on to form their own blues bands.

This Award is going to a man who will never seek glory or recognition so I am pleased The Nottingham Blues Society Committee, the people who chose to give this award to Colin have certainly chosen the right man.

Congratulations Colin Staples

Lifetime Achievement 2010

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Colin Staples

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