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Paul Oliver (born Paul Hereford Oliver, 25 May 1927, Nottingham, England) is an architectural historian and writer on the blues and other forms of African-American music. His commentary and research into blues have been influential. He is one of the world’s leading authorities on the blues. Among his many publications are Blues Fell This Morning, The Story of the Blues, and Blues Off The Record. His studies of American traditional music did much to spread interest in the blues and included early research into the influence of Islamic music from North Africa on its origins. His work, which began in the 1950s, includes interviews, field work and research in recording and printed sources tracing the origin and development of African-American music and culture from the time of slavery and before.

The collection is not only of interest to the generic Blues fan but is of great value to students and researchers working in American and African American History, American Studies, Cultural Studies, Music and Popular Music Studies, Anthropology and Transatlantic Studies.

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Paul Oliver

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