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This is a man who has been involved with music clubs and promoting tours and bands all his life. Those who know him will know not to mention the name Brian Jones unless you have a couple of hours listening time to spare.

Originally from Cheltenham, he’s been based in Oxford for the last 23 years but before that could be seen roaming London, Saint-Tropez, Southern Spain and a number of the States of America.

For many years he would arrange UK tours for bands from all around the world, pick them up at Heathrow and drive them around from gig to gig, always managing to get them to play his club before getting back to Heathrow.

Whilst he has only lived at two venues in Oxford his club has had to adapt to change and progress, and has had to move several times, ending up now  at the The Jericho Tavern.

There will be many an artist and band around the world who will nod sagely on hearing about this award.

Known affectionately as Silver Phil, this year’s British Blues Awards’ Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Philip Guy Davis.

Congratulations Philip Guy Davis

Lifetime Achievement 2014

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Philip Guy Davis

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The Award this year goes to a special group of devoted blues enthusiasts often to be seen at many of the northern blues festivals where they are very warmly regarded by blues fans and artists from far and wide.

They have been supporting live blues music for many years, know many of the artists and actively play their part in the camaraderie that comes within the

close-knit blues community.

They have amazing stamina and can often be seen supporting late night jam sessions dancing the night away, then they're up next morning bright and chirpy.

I say 'amazing stamina' because they are in their 80s and they are the driving force behind a blues club which they have been running weekly at various local venues since 2001. It's a very popular  club in their home town with many dedicated followers.

It's really marvellous to see them recognised for their stalwart commitment to keeping alive one of the best of the UK’s R&B venues.

Above all for their dedication in supporting live blues music for so many years.

The town I'm talking about is Barrow in Furness, the club is Barrow R&B Club.

The Lifetime Achievement Award 2014 goes to  .....   Joyce and Bill Harrison

Congratulations Joyce and Bill Harrison

Sponsored by Early Blues

Bill & Joyce Harrison


Photograph courtesy of Alan White -

Philip Guy Davis 2

Photograph courtesy of Johnny Moto - © Johnny Moto 2014